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Hello FarmVille fan! As you are scanning this, I assume that you are dead seriously interested in improving your FarmVille skills and so are seeking to enhance your performance. That would be ideal, that i'm sure that you're on the right track by looking over this article.

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I've heard people say that FarmVille is an easy game to try out, and my response is 'yes', only at the beginner level. However, in order to join the ranks of the large players and females, then it is not so simple in any way. You will need all the insights, tips, tricks, techniques and secrets that you could muster so that you can master the FarmVille game.

I have down on paper these FarmVille secrets that you should start with. We have much more. If you'd prefer the next secrets, i then invite one to visit my FarmVille website by clicking the web link at the bottom with this page.

FarmVille Secret Number 1: Identify and Get the Best FarmVille Crops

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You will get, plant and harvest many crops in FarmVille. However, its not all crop is similar. For the greatest value for your money, you must know which crops are the best and the way to get them. To find out which crops are the most useful, you need to keep your following parameters:

 The seed cost of the FarmVille crop (e.g. 85 coins for grapes vs 220 coins for asparagus)

 The selling price (e.g. 381 coins for peas vs 173 coins for tomatoes)

 The time that it takes for the crop to become ready (from seeding time and energy to harvest time, e.g. An hour for grapes, vs 16 hours for asparagus)

 The XP per crop (e.g. 1 XP for tomatoes and sugar canes, 2 XP for asparagus and grapes, and three XP for peas)

After taking every one of these factors under consideration, we calculated that you get the most bargain for crops in the following order (better to least profit):




 Sugar Cane


Keep in mind that you may have to pay for plowing your crops, so your profit will go down for crops that grow faster such as grapes and peas, when compared with slower growing crops like asparagus.

Also, some crops cannot be grown before you reach a minimum of Level 19 in FarmVille. Also, days are only 3 hours long in FarmVille, so that your day will not exactly match the FarmVille day. You need to keep this in mind to judge exactly when you really need being online and when you're able to have the ability to plow new spaces to set up new plots.

FarmVille Secret # 2: Identify and Get the very best FarmVille Trees

Trees take too much time between planting and harvest time, so that you is not going to earn much by growing them. However, there is a particular advantage that smaller crops don't have: they just don't wither. Also, they just don't need plowing, and do not need replanting.

Olive trees, date trees, banana trees and pomegranate trees can be had as a gift, although it costs 27 FarmVille cash to plant an Acai tree. The income varies, with 69 coins for date trees versus 158 coins for Acai trees. Also, it takes only A couple of days to harvest acai berries versus Five days for pomegranates.

FarmVille Secret Number three: Punching the Ground Running in FarmVille

Plenty of players new to FarmVille think it is tough to begin. They find FarmVille daunting since it takes money, some time and plenty of concentration to begin with in FarmVille. With all the following trick it must be simpler to start to enable you to start growing crops fast and move along faster in FarmVille.

First thing you ought to think about is the place often would you log into the game, and for how long. These are different, and these two aspects can help choose which crops you should grow and what techniques you should utilize.

When you begin playing FarmVille, you might be assigned 6 square plots, two that are half grown, and a couple with eggplants and strawberries. You're also given 200 coins. Once you harvest the first crops, you'll be with 323 coins.

This trick will help you swap coins for XP so you'll not have leftover land, and it'll help those who are in a high level such as the have sufficient plots to do business with.

 Start with 10 or 11 plots which can be either plowed or fallow. What you may do, make sure you focus on this quantity of land.

 Calculate how much money you will have to plant whatever you want to harvest (see secrets one and 2).

 Plow all your 10 or 11 plots - You will need exactly 150 coins to plow the land.

 Buy SOYBEANS to plant and plant them in the 10 plots. You'll need another 150 coins to plant the soybeans.

 By just planting and plowing, you just earned 30 points.

 After planting the soybeans, delete the plots together with your delete tool.

 Now you'll be able to start out once again.

 Repeat this all once again several times.

 This enables you to get nearly unlimited XP for your cost of only 10 coins per XP without doing anything on your farm.

 After repeating this many times, plant something of actual value (see secrets one and 2 above), and turn off your personal computer

 The following day, you are able to harvest this crop to get more coins and enough to carry on applying this XP trick.

All the best by using these FarmVille secrets.